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Administrative Coordinator


The office of Church Administratior assists pastor Femi Ogungbade and the Church body of Jesus House of Columbia, MIssouri in disseminating and coordinating information related to our ministries, activities, time-table of services and other needs the Church has a specific need for. 

Heads this office and is assisted by Femi Popoola and Felix.

Examples of this ministry includes but are not limited to the following:

Church Administrator is the central cog in the wheel of access to information related to Church' activities. For example, Administrator is the go-to-person/dept. for various Church ministries that Jesus House of Columbia currently offers such as: prayer, childrens', mens', singles, Sunday School, etc., visitors and current Church members can seek, giving them centralized access to information.

Centralized information is also an important funtion of this department to assist the leadership's assessment of where the Church is in terms of structure and quality of ministry, resources, as well as assessing future goals and making access to information more efficient.  

Currently, the Administration Dept. also keeps inventories of other ministries, such as the Cleaning Dept. supplies a running inventory of what it has left on hand from time to time, making this information centralized and readily accesible to leadership when we have special activities like children's outreach, knowing how many trash bags, paper-towels, etc., we have on hand. In the future, the Administration Dept. may also become the place for inquiries to website updates.

This Dept. also assists leadership by keeping running totals of members, visitors, and other related information. 

Church Administrator is a varied position, meaning it can expand or contract as much as it fits the need of both the Church and the abilities of the persons involved in this ministry.

Feel free to contact 573-529-3181.

The motto of our dept. is taken from scripture found in I Cor. 14:33, "For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints." We believe a well ordered Church is a good thing.